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Serimony Bridge Cards

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Robert Whitman’s ‘Passport,’ in Two States at Once –

Nice article in the Times about Whitman’s latest piece.  I built and ran the video network that connected the two locations for the performance.  Scenes from each location were transmitted and shown live in the other location. Robert Whitman’s ‘Passport,’ … Continue reading

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ITP Show in full swing

ITP’s end of semester show is all the rage at the moment. Been floating around playing with projects and taking some snapshots. More soon but here is a teaser courtesy of Meredith Hasson’s Video Mosiac And another courtesy of Nobuyuki … Continue reading

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ITP End of Year Events – Thesis Presentations and End of Semester Show

ITP Spring Show 2006 A two day exhibition of interactive sight, sound and physical objects from the student artists of ITP. This event is free and open to the public. No need to RSVP. ITP Thesis Presentations 2006 ITP’s graduating … Continue reading

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Rhona Gorvy

Rhona Gorvy, South African Artist Beautiful and haunting works.. Nice job Daniel.. [ indian cialis generic | viagra store in canada | viagra doses | cream female viagra vigorelle from us based pharmacy | best way to use cialis ]

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Tech Art January Roundup

artnet Magazine – Technical Knock-outs Dorkbot, “Superlowrez” at vertexList and “Dewanatron” at Pierogi. From the article: For the show, vertexList brought aboard eight artists, among them the stalwarts of the Brooklyn art scene: Joe Amrhein, Brian Conley, Matt Freedman, Kristin … Continue reading

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It’s time for you to be Somnambulated!

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stay free, article roundup

Stay Free! Daily: This Month in New York City Critical Mass OR How Much Does It Cost the City to Run One of Those Police Copters All Night? – Story of what Critical Mass has become. Bikers vs. Police. Messed … Continue reading

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Social Networking Site for Visual Programmers

CodeTree: Watch Your Code Branch Out and Grow. From the site: Welcome to CodeTree, a social networking community created to bring new media artists, programmers, and students using Macromedia Flash and Proce55ing together. Learn more about this site, start browsing … Continue reading

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Interesting Art and Technology Lab

V2_ : Home Seems like it might be a place similar to Eyebeam (in NYC). From the site: V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, is an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Founded in 1981, … Continue reading

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