3 thoughts on “MoMA Android App Launched”

  1. Awesome! Now if you could reformat the links for the gallery guides in a way that allows the stock music player to play them that’d be even better :)
    Or maybe you’d know an alternative app that plays it ?

  2. Hmmmn. They should play in the stock player. What happens when you click on one of them? Let me know your phone model and android version number as well.


  3. Media playback works fine here. However I have a few suggestions that would make this a really great app. Can we please have images and text load in two separate threads. This way the “loading…” popup can be dismissed once the text content is downloaded and images would show-up later as soon as they are retrieved. Also, I think some content is cached, but when I click back to the page I just viewed, I still get the “loading…” popup. That does not makes sense, since I just saw that page 2 seconds ago. Nothing should have changed, so there is no need to download anything.
    Otherwise this app can be useful due to the large amount of content available in it.

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