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Drop Spots
Nice.. Retrieve and leave gifts!

From the site:
Just near the Oriental Pavillion in Prospect Park (looks like a bandstand) , there’s a statue of Beethoven. Stand underneath Ludwig and look in the same direction he is. Look at the concrete border to the flowerbed in front of you. There’s a broken piece of concrete. Walk over to it, pull it out… that’s the spot!

ITP End of Year Events – Thesis Presentations and End of Semester Show

ITP Spring Show 2006
A two day exhibition of interactive sight, sound and physical objects from the student artists of ITP.

This event is free and open to the public. No need to RSVP.

ITP Thesis Presentations 2006
ITP’s graduating students will be presenting a wide variety of highly creative and interactive projects that they have constructed over the course of their final project seminars.

Students have been encouraged to undertake projects that bring together the conceptual and design issues that they have engaged in during their two years of study at ITP.

Projects will include installation based work, digital video and audio pieces, interactive 3D, games and educational applications, to name only a few.

ITP will be providing a live webcast of all the thesis presentations.

ITP Artists Strike again

Wired News: Artists Burnish RFID’s Image
Go Meghan:
A far cry from Big Brother scenarios, RFID technology has recently become a medium for artists like Meghan Trainor, whose work offers a glimpse of a future in which computers will be able to scan any item and know something about it. She sculpts objects out of plaster, rubber and other materials, and embeds them with RFID chips and tags.

Social Networking Site for Visual Programmers

CodeTree: Watch Your Code Branch Out and Grow.
From the site:
Welcome to CodeTree, a social networking community created to bring new media artists, programmers, and students using Macromedia Flash and Proce55ing together. Learn more about this site, start browsing the code, or join the community and start sharing your code today!