Looks like my instrument is already patented…

United States Patent: 5,689,078

Music generating system and method utilizing control of music based upon displayed color

An apparatus and method for generating music from color input data is disclosed. Color data extracted from a selected portion of a still or moving picture image displayed on a color graphical output means is converted by a central processing unit into a signal comprising musical information which is played by a sound output means. The images are retrieved from a storage device. The image portion converted into musical information corresponds to the location of a cursor displayed over the image. The central processing unit is programmed and controlled by a keyboard and mouse to move the cursor to varying positions on the displayed image and to generate different musical information depending on the color data at each position. The apparatus and method can also be used to transform audio input from a musical device and a MIDI interface into color data for display as an image on a color graphical output means.

Interesting PhD Program

DXARTS PhD†Program

From the site:
The goal of doctoral education in Digital Arts and Experimental Media is to create opportunities for artists to discover and document new knowledge and expertise at the most advanced levels higher education can offer. While creating new art is at the center of all activities in the program, the DXARTS PhD is a research-oriented degree requiring a substantial commitment to graduate-level study and reflection. The Ph.D. degree prepares artists to pursue original creative and technical research in Digital Arts and Experimental Media and pioneer lasting innovations on which future artists and scholars can build.

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