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Google Streetview Fame


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The problem with delicious

I recently heard (well, read on a listserv) from a couple of folks I know that were looking for an alternative to Delicious.  These people have a lot invested in their bookmarks but are finding it difficult to re-find them … Continue reading

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NetFlix QoS

Is it just me or has NetFlix been going down hill lately? Almost every DVD has major playback issues due to scratches and so on..

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Are we in Bubble 2.0..?

Bubble 2 0 Fish And Dirty Words I am pretty sure that we are but it is a small fry bubble not a multi billion dollar bubble. Then again, these small innovative companies may just continue to be just that … Continue reading

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Acacia wants to bleed the internet dry

Acacia to Acquire Patent Portfolios Branching out on from their Streaming patents to just about everything else. From the article: Among the acquired patents are those covering technology related to broadcast equipment, credit card receipt processing, peer to peer network … Continue reading

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Hillary support’s The INDUCE Act

I was dismayed to learn that Senator Hillary Clinton has come out and in fact co-sponsored Senator Hatch’s Induce Act. What follows is a draft of a letter that I am writing to Sen. Clinton to express my concern. I … Continue reading

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Rules for *, disguised as a software design debate

The Rise of “Worse is Better”

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Europeans compromise on software patents

Yahoo! News – European Parliament agrees on software patents Once again, the Europeans show their progressive thinking and avoid the craziness going on here with some software patents.

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Who’s a bright..?

Wired 11.10: VIEW New noun describing those who are atheists…

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JetBlue Privacy Debacle

Wired News: JetBlue Shared Passenger Data I love JetBlue for their service, schedule and fares but I may think twice about traveling with them now.

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