Verizon Naked DSL Working!

In July, I complained that Verizon was constantly changing my IP address.

I theorized that it had to do with my impending transition to VoIP and that Verizon may have been punishing me… Well, turns out that I was wrong and that it was probably due to a lightning storm.

After contacting support several times I was finally sent a new DSL modem which is working great. I am still having some period disconnects but the reconnect is almost immediate and I am once again happy with my DSL. The speed is much closer to where it should be as well.

In other news, I was able to transition my phone number to Broadvoice and keep my DSL (without any problems). Now when I pickup the phone at home that is connected directly to the Verizon line I get a message saying that this is a dedicated data line and can not be used to make calls). Yippee!

2 thoughts on “Verizon Naked DSL Working!”

  1. Yup.. But they don’t know how to support it. I continued to have problems and was told that I had to cancel and reorder service to get anything fixed. Arrrg..

    I ended up switching to cable..

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