P2P Voice over IP from the KaZaA folks


Another one that will probably ruffle some feathers (not the RIAA’s) but instead the baby bells’. Not that this is the first nor will it be the last but KaZaA has a reputation and people will probably flock to it.

Haven’t and probably won’t use it (don’t trust KaZaA) but I would like to use something open-source and similar. Hell, I will help in dev is someone wants to tackle a Java P2P VoIP client.

Friendster Thoughts

TurboTed’s Friendster Story

TurboTed, a recovering Friendster addict gives the goods on the Friendster epidemic. My friend(sters) have been asking me what I think will happen to it should it go the paid service route. From what TurboTed describes, I don’t think it will matter as they are killing themselves by not embracing the creative ways their users are extending the service…


After more than 5 years of going without a regular web presence I have decided that now is the time to start a new. I am utilizing MovableType by Six Apart as it seems very powerful and plenty useful. Soon this site will feature my random ramblings, various links to discussions and topics of interest and my work (school and other).

For now, hold tight and check back soon…