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From the site:
NYLXS – Informally known as the New York GNU Linux Scene is an organization dedicated to providing resources to the New York Linux Community. It’s about developing Free Software leadership. Bound to no specific local NYC or NY Metro Area organization, it’s members support the NY Linux and Free Software Scene with manpower, technology, money and time. It’s goal is to enable NYC Area Linux users, Free Software users, and the NY population in general through their lugs, schools, businesses, and government agencies.

NYLXS helps with installfeasts, lectures, tutorials, mailing lists, scheduling of events, political lobbying, educational support to public schools and libraries, training, publicity, and more.

Our membership is doers, not watchers. If you are a doer, then join us, and make a difference for the future.

Underground P2P

CNN.com – Song swappers flock to invitation-only Internet – Oct. 6, 2003

These high-tech Cotton Clubs usually require users to be trusted or at least know someone inside. The files being traded, instead of out in the open, are encrypted — the 21st century equivalent of hiding bathtub gin under a fake floorboard.