Hey, there’s my bike..!

Abandoned Bicycles of New York
From the site:
New York has a lot of abandoned bicycles. I don’t know why. Do people forget the combinations or keys to their locks? Do they forget they had a bike? Most of the bikes pictured here are pretty cheap bikes. Some of the bikes appear to have been abandoned long ago. Consider this ever-growing photo album a way to remember those forgotten bicycles.

What is that counter in Union Square anyway?

Metronome.relatedrentals.com: Press Release

New York (October 21, 1999) – On October 26, 1999, at precisely twelve-noon, Metronome, the 98 foot by 200 foot art wall, commissioned by The Related Companies, L.P. for the faƁade of One Union Square South, will come to life with a burst of steam, a melodious tone and the illumination of the digital time piece, officially inaugurating this remarkable gift to the City of New York.

Mirror mirror on the wall, why am I backwards…?

true mirror: non-reversing mirrors

Introducing The TRUE MIRROR!
From prehistoric times, people have only seen themselves reflected backwards. As it turns out, the backward images we see and interact with everyday are profoundly different from what is real. No wonder we are so often off in our self-evaluations compared with how others see us!