6 thoughts on “Android App: Picture Tweeter”

  1. where are the setting, and the picture of the phone and the android bubble doesnt appear on mine

  2. The only settings are twitter username/password and they can be found by clicking the standard “menu” button. The picture with the phone and bubble is an example image, it should show the image you choose or take in it’s place.

  3. ‘Upload error’ and no clue whatsoever. There should be more info imho. When it works it works fine although having to delete the line ‘enter tweet’ is a bit annoying. I’d like to see an empty tweet here or the ability to use a ‘template’ with i.e. time, date, location.

  4. Sorry about that. TwitPic changed their API and this app no longer works. I most likely won’t have time to update it as well.

    I have taken it off the market. Hopefully people won’t be too disappointed.

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