C-SPAN online coverage of debate

C-SPAN has a really interesting site for showing the debate videos. It has a transcript search, a blog aggregation, a twitter message board and so on.

Here are some screen-shots:

Transcript along with video

Twitter and Blog Aggregation:

Transcript Keyword Visualization (wish you could drill down):

This might be even more interesting: Performance Group Blends Video Art, Public Service
“Three MIT grads have devised a way to “remix” the presidential debates — live. Friday night in Boston, they used custom computer software to analyze the candidates’ movements and speech patterns in real time, with a nightclub vibe.”

One thought on “C-SPAN online coverage of debate”

  1. Hi there, I came across your blog because I am working with C-SPAN on the Debate Hub project. Appreciate you sharing it with your readers.

    I also wanted to make sure that you were aware of the “drill down” feature on the Word Tree. You can actually click on each word and look at how many times it appeared and in context (video transcript). For example, the word “tax” appeared 19 times: http://debatehub.c-span.org/?page_id=23&keyword=tax

    If there are other words that you are interested in checking out, there is also a transcript search engine on that same drill down page. I searched for “health” and found 9 occurrences: http://debatehub.c-span.org/index.php/keyword-search/?=debate1&keyword=health&page_id=23

    Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions :)

    Thanks again,


    Leslie A. Bradshaw
    Communications Manager
    New Media Strategies

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