Some meta learning from Beyond Broadcast 07

First of all, major kudos to Steve Schultze and the rest of the folks that took on the organizing this year. Great job!

Some other things I knew but was reminded of regarding events and conferences of this sort:

1: It is much better to be a participant (audience member) than organizer just for the fact that you can actually pay attention.

2: Most events, Beyond Broadcast included, work better as a one day events than two day events. Energy and participation are sustained much more effectively. Cutting portions out can be tough but in the end probably the right thing to do.

3: Given the opportunity, people will enthusiastically participate in documentation and “continuing the conversation” using web technologies. Utilizing something as simple as a common set of tags to be used across sites and platforms is an effective means to enable and encourage participation. People want to and will gladly contribute if the structures for contribution have low barriers.

Want some evidence: Try the tag “beyondbroadcast” on flickr,, youtube, google blog search, technorati, and so on.

ps. If anyone has an IRC transcript or if anyone did any reporting from Second Life (I am using the word reporting very loosely) I would love to be pointed to them.

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