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DirectShow Java Wrapper: humatic – dsj
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From the site:
Need to play Windows Media files and streams, DivX video or DVDs in java? Access WDM capture devices? Control a firewire DVCam? Then maybe this can help you. dsj is an ongoing project to provide a java wrapper around Microsoft’s DirectShow API. It offers a set of high level classes that give java easy access to functionality widely missed by java programmers and also lets you dive deeper into the interiors of Windows’ core api for 2D media. On the java side dsj tries to keep things open as possible – you may use it standalone or let it feed data into JMF or other APIs.

They also point to a bunch of Open Source projects that are of interest:
Related projects (dsj does not use OpenSource, GPL or LGPL licensed code, but – as you are here – these projects may be of interest, too) :
JMDS – DirectShow Capture api Java wrapper: jmds.dev.java.net    –    fobs4jmf – ffmpeg c++ & java bindings:  http://fobs.sourceforge.net
java VLC – VideoLan java bindings:  http://jvlc.ihack.it    –    DXInput – DirectInput Java wrapper: www.hardcode.de
jARToolkit – ARToolkit java bindings: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jartoolkit/jFFmpeg – JMF codec pack: http://jffmpeg.sourceforge.net/

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