Center for Communication

Center for Communication
From the site:
The Center for Communication is an independent media forum, launched in 1980 by former CBS president Dr. Frank Stanton and Museum of Television & Radio president, the late Dr. Robert Batscha, to bridge the gap between the communications industry and the schools. The Center, supported by the industry, is nonprofit and nonpartisan.

Shady (online, social software) marketing tactics..?

New Media Strategies and us
From the post:
But “Dixie” ‘s posts about “All My Children” got me curious. I looked up her IP address. Why am I not surprised it’s registered to a company called New Media Strategies and that New Media Strategies offers:
Highly effective online Word-of-Mouth marketing (that) drives buzz about your brands and products. NMS harnesses the power of the online communities and opinion leaders to raise awareness of your brands and, ultimately, produce sales that bolsters your bottom line.
So, just in case Google indexes this page: New Media Strategies sucks. Let me repeat, “New Media Strategies sucks.”

Not MORE reality television

Reality Central
From the site:
Until now there has been no dedicated broadcast source for information and entertainment dealing exclusively with reality television. REALITY CENTRAL is the destination for fans to visit everyday and connect with their favorite programs and personalities. REALITY CENTRAL is the place for the latest in news, entertainment, and information covering the world of reality television. Reality TV fans will be transported behind-the-scenes of their favorite shows and find in depth coverage with never before seen footage. REALITY CENTRAL will promote the wildly popular reality programs of major broadcast and cable networks, serving as a catalyst for their promotional efforts. In addition to featuring rebroadcasts of network reality series and premiering international hits, REALITY CENTRAL will produce its own original talk, call-in and interview shows, many featuring the most prominent reality TV stars

They say they will feature ITV from the get-go, let’s see what they mean by that…

Watch the MoveOn ad on CNN during the Superbowl Voter Fund
From the page:
Join the One-Minute Boycott of CBS
The CBS network still refuses to run our winning ad in the Bush in 30 Seconds ad contest during the Super Bowl. This Sunday, during the Super Bowl half time show, join us in changing channels on CBS. At 8:10pm and 8:35pm EST, switch over to CNN to watch “Child’s Pay” on a channel which doesn’t censor its ads. We’d like to keep a tally of the number of people who participate — just fill out the form below:


Media Carta: Adbusters

We, the undersigned, are troubled by the way information flows and the way meaning is produced in our society.

WE HAVE LOST CONFIDENCE in what we are seeing, hearing and reading: too much infotainment and not enough news; too many outlets telling the same stories; too much commercialism and too much hype. Every day, this commercial information system distorts our view of the world.


Digital Radio Broadcasts begin

Wired News: Radio Ready to Go Digital

Not much about this in the media or anywhere else for that matter. Read about iBiquity some time ago, seems interesting but I don’t quite understand why the FCC choose a product from a single vendor instead of an open standard for this. Can someone fill me in?

From the article:
Digital radio has been used for several years in Canada, Israel and parts of Europe. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission voted in October 2002 to adopt iBiquity’s technology as the standard for digital broadcasts, and allowed radio stations to begin broadcasting digital signals in addition to traditional analog signals.
Stations eventually will be able to broadcast two separate FM programs on one channel simultaneously, thereby offering customers more programming options. Listeners also will be able to save their favorite tunes and programs and replay them when they want.