Linux Distro for live streaming, editing and performance

d y n e : b o l i c — a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD

From the site:
dyne:bolic is shaped on the needs of media activists, artists and creatives, being a practical tool for multimedia production: you can manipulate and broadcast both sound and video with tools to record, edit, encode and stream, all using only free software!

Underground P2P – Song swappers flock to invitation-only Internet – Oct. 6, 2003

These high-tech Cotton Clubs usually require users to be trusted or at least know someone inside. The files being traded, instead of out in the open, are encrypted — the 21st century equivalent of hiding bathtub gin under a fake floorboard.

P2P Voice over IP from the KaZaA folks


Another one that will probably ruffle some feathers (not the RIAA’s) but instead the baby bells’. Not that this is the first nor will it be the last but KaZaA has a reputation and people will probably flock to it.

Haven’t and probably won’t use it (don’t trust KaZaA) but I would like to use something open-source and similar. Hell, I will help in dev is someone wants to tackle a Java P2P VoIP client.