Open media statement of principles

Open media statement of principles We believe in the creative power of the individual. We all
have meaningful stories to tell. Individual lives and opinions are
interesting, important and worth sharing.
Media is not just something done to us by big media and
the entertainment companies. People are hungry for authentic voices and
the immediacy and intimacy of personal media. We want to encourage the
public to take up the tools of personal publishing.

We support open media, open standards and interoperability.
It’s not about walled gardens. The Web is about openness, connectedness
and participation.
We support open source. In addition, we support any project or
company that supports the Commons, community and the public interest.

Quality matters. We support efforts that encourage and teach
people how to create high-value grassroots media that offers meaning
and context.

The public benefits from long-term archives that preserve grassroots media for future generations.

We support remix culture. We believe in the idea of giving
people access to video, audio, music and images for them to mash up and
remix in a way that’s easy, convenient and legal.
We believe in fair use and sensible copyright laws. Creative
Commons and the GNU Public License enrich the culture while preserving
creators’ rights.
We support the right of long-tail artists, like all artists,
to profit from their creations. We do not support unfettered file
sharing of others’ works without their permission.

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