Why don’t I have one of these…?

Archos Linux-based portable audio/video player available online
Ok ok, $800 is a bit rich for me at the moment but I would love to try some things out on one of these. The combination of Linux/WiFi/Touchscreen an video capture really gets my motor running. Hmmmmnn.. No SDK available yet (but promised). Needs a JVM and a Skype port (I think it would sell like gangbusters then)
From the site:
The much-ballyhood Linux-based “fourth generation” Archos PMA400 personal video recorder/player (PVR/PVP) — with a 3.5-inch color LCD, 30GB hard drive, wireless Internet access, Qtopia PIM suite, and lots of other cool features — is now available for purchase online from Archos’s website.According to Archos, the PMA400 can record video directly from a TV, VCR, cable box, or satellite receiver. It can also record and play music. A browser interface for scheduling recordings can be accessed over the Internet. The device can also be used to view photos, play games, or run third-party Linux applications of all kinds, the company says.

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