Just what I have been looking for…

MCE QuickStream DV – Portable, FireWire DV Capture Drive

This is a portable hard drive recorder that you plug directly into your camcorder and capture video to. AWESOME.
Over at unmediated.org, kenyatta says that he heard a collective shrug over the first version. I think the collective must be CRAZY. This would cut down on the “time to web” by 10 fold (at least for me). Too bad it is soo expensive. Perhaps I will make some real money again and be able to buy one :-)
From the site:
The revolutionary MCE QuickStream DV, now in its second generation, has re-engineered the entire Digital Video (DV) workflow by completely eliminating the inefficient, time consuming step of transferring (or capturing) DV footage from your DV camcorder tapes into your Mac or PC non-linear editing (NLE) system… The lightweight, portable, self-powered QuickStream DV connects directly to your DV camcorder and captures your DV footage to its miniature high performance hard drive on-the-fly, straight from your camcorder’s FireWire port, in your choice of ready-to-edit file formats (.mov, .avi, .dv, and others) while you are shooting! When done shooting, simply unplug the QuickStream DV from your camcorder’s FireWire (IEEE 1394, i.LINK, etc.) port and plug it into your computer system’s FireWire port and your DV footage is ready for editing and/or viewing… IMMEDIATELY!

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