PHP Library for QuickTime embedding

From the site:
Apple’s QuickTime multimedia architecture has some fantastic features that can be exploited through server-side scripting and HTML embedding, but it’s something of a black art. There is confusion and inconsistency in how best to embed QuickTime in web pages, deal with QTVR, let movies talk to each other, pass XML QTLists back and forth between movies and servers, and much more (did you even know that QuickTime could do all this??!). We hope to expose this in a clean and elegant way so that QuickTime can reach the audience it deserves.

This project aims to provide a simple and consistent interface to these features through a set of PEAR-compatible PHP classes and functions. We’d also like to get this project into a state where it can become part of the PEAR respository, to ease installation for everyone, and open up the hidden world of QuickTime to more developers.

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