Small Mac Software Co. KeyWebX

Interesting webcam software for MacOS X and an HTML slideshow maker for various Mac related presentation softwares (Keynote, AppleWorks, Any PDF source and QuickTime).

4 thoughts on “Small Mac Software Co. KeyWebX”

  1. I hear from a reliable source that this is a 100% QuickTime for Java and pure Java solution. Very interesting, I wonder if it works on a Windows machine.

  2. Yes, Shawn, I was using only Java and QuickTime For Java. It can be made to work under Windows or Mac OS 8.6 – 9.2.2. However, I decided do not port it yet to Windows. Imagine average Windows user. In order to use KeyWebX he would have to: download Java Runtime (15MB), QuickTime (11MB), Install Java first and only after that QuickTime, make sure to select custom setup in QuickTime and install QTJava. It is really to much to ask for running 100KB utilities. But of course, if there will be enough requests I’ll make it.

    Thanks for the comments, Michael

  3. KEYWEBX Question

    I’m not sure what your software does. If I have a Keynote Document, I can export it to the web, right?

    What if the Keynote has sound/music. Would it also export it to an html? Or would it lose the audio?

    Finally, what does export mean? Does it create a web site? If I have a home page (we do), how would we show it?

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