ITP End of Year Events – Thesis Presentations and End of Semester Show

ITP Spring Show 2006
A two day exhibition of interactive sight, sound and physical objects from the student artists of ITP.

This event is free and open to the public. No need to RSVP.

ITP Thesis Presentations 2006
ITP’s graduating students will be presenting a wide variety of highly creative and interactive projects that they have constructed over the course of their final project seminars.

Students have been encouraged to undertake projects that bring together the conceptual and design issues that they have engaged in during their two years of study at ITP.

Projects will include installation based work, digital video and audio pieces, interactive 3D, games and educational applications, to name only a few.

ITP will be providing a live webcast of all the thesis presentations.

Mobile video: Get started with the QuickTime for Java API

Mobile video: Get started with the QuickTime for Java API
From the article:
In this article, I’ll first suggest some practical (and potentially very popular) uses for mobile video, and then present two programs to get you started using the QuickTime for Java API to create video content for the iPod. These programs let you easily add captions to existing video files and convert legacy video files into an iPod-compatible format. At the end of the article, I’ll leave you with some example code that you can use to learn more about manipulating videos using the QuickTime for Java API.

Sample Chapters from “Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications: A Guide for Java Developers”

The Basics of the MMAPI for Java Developers
Looks pretty good and thorough. Chapters relating to the J2ME MMAPI, including an introduction, audio playback, other media playback, capture and a summary.

Blue-ray players will run Java

Java to appear in next-gen DVD players | CNET
From the article:
“The Blu-ray Disc Association, the standards body for the format, has decided it will adopt Java for the interactivity standards,” said Yasushi Nishimura, director of Panasonic’s Research and Development Company of America, speaking at Sun’s JavaOne trade show here. “This means that all Blu-ray Disc player devices will be shipped equipped with Java.”

Java will be used for control menus, interactive features, network services and games, Nishimura said.

Cool! But as Chris Adamson says, “Gimme some tools!” (from: We Love Blu-Ray Java! It’s Perfect! Now Change.

AIM + Java

Create a Java TOC2 Class to Communicate with AIM
AIM + Java.. Nice, didn’t know that AOL had a publicly available AIM protocol.
From the article:
However, you may not be aware that the protocol underlying AIM, called TOC2, is the gateway through which you can create a lot of customized AIM-based applications. AOL provides an API that anybody can use to connect to TOC2 and AOL’s network.