Media 3.0

Media 3.0 with Shelly Palmer
A new show to air on NYC TV. I scheduled the recording of the first one which is to air Monday at 11PM. I will give a better report after watching but it sounds interesting:

Media 3.0 is a weekly half-hour news/talk show about the media & technology business hosted by award-winning inventor, technologist, composer, author and producer, Shelly Palmer. The business and technology of media industry are changing at an ever increasing rate. As chairman of the Advanced Media Committee of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences NY, Palmer is one of the experts leading the industry’s rapid evolution.

From PVRs to PDAs, from IP Video to VOD … Technology changes everyday, but business rules and our legal system don’t always keep up. Is it a parlor trick or a paradigm shift? Shelly Palmer, along with lead analyst Lydia Loizides, and subject matter experts focus on the issues that dominate the front pages of today’s business journals.

Media 3.0 with Shelly Palmer is a show for consumers, media execs, investors and just about anyone interested in this exciting arena where the business of media meets technology. Fast-paced and combative, Media 3.0 doesn’t pull any punches. Interviews with senior management, opinions from respected business leaders and smart people who will make even the most complicated issues seem simple … It’s Media 3.0 with Shelly Palmer.

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