6 thoughts on “Build your own ElWire Inverter”

  1. Hello I was hopeing that you would beable to give me info to build a small power inverter. I am an electrican but i don’t know any thing abought electronics yet,I feel I have enough common sents to folow a diagram please help me out.Thank you mutch!

  2. Hi All,

    Unfortunately, the link that I had to the instructions (why this posting is here) has disappeared. If you find instructions on the web somewhere, please post them here so that I can update this page.

    Sorry and Thanks

  3. Hi , am sierra leonean and have been working on an invberter project for my home because of lack of electricity in my country.
    Unfortunately ,i know little about electronics
    But can do well working on instructions .
    Can anyone help alliviate my plight .
    a manual can be of great help.

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