There is no here here

Abstract Dynamics: There is no here here
Google, like the internet itself draws its power from being neither here, nor there, but inbetween everywhere at once, immanent. There is no here there, only results, only meanings.


In any case, interestingly enough, Google for here gives a nice top to bottom list of what people link to when they say “go here” or “download here” or … Actually, you get very similar results (in the beginning at least) if you Google for download here or “go here”.

Interesting that people don’t write, “download there”. I love the second result: “ThereCare > Where can I download There?”

Last, if you change from treating the web as a consumption network and want to know about it as a publishing network, try Googling for upload here instead. The results are truely Shaken.

Wireless Networking in the Developing World

Wireless Networking in the Developing World
Creative Commons Licensed book

From the site:
The massive popularity of wireless networking has caused equipment costs to continually plummet, while equipment capabilities continue to increase. By applying this technology in areas that are badly in need of critical communications infrastructure, more people can be brought online than ever before, in less time, for very little cost. We hope to not only convince you that this is possible, but also show how we have made such networks work, and to give you the information and tools you need to start a network project in your local community.

VSee get’s some attention

P2P Videoconferencing Gets Better – Robin Good’s Latest News
I had a chance to try out VSee a couple of years ago and was thoroughly impressed. Milton and crew have done very nice work on this product.

From the article:
If you are looking to try out one of the latest and best performing video conferencing technologies available out there, you have come to the right place.