Getting out of your employees way

InfoWorld: Fired up IT: March 19, 2004: By Chad Dickerson : APPLICATION_DEVELOPMENT : APPLICATIONS
About the book: Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister
From the book review/article (culled from the book):
Protecting the productivity of your top performers is essential to managing successful projects. According to studies cited in the book, the best people will outperform the worst by about 10-to-1. The best performer will outperform a median performer by 2.5 times. Finally, on average, the one-half of performers who are better-than-median will typically outdo the other half by 2-to-1.

Unless I am completely nuts, Rob Glaser doesn’t have a clue

Real’s Glaser exhorts Apple to open iPod | CNET
From the article:
Because Apple’s iPod music player does not support other proprietary music formats and does not license its own format to rivals, Real’s Rhapsody and other song sites are blocked from easily reaching iPod users.
“Apple’s (market) share will go down if they continue to do this. The only way to presently put songs on an iPod is to (buy) them from iTunes,” Glaser said, referring to downloads purchased from online music stores. In addition to iTunes songs, the iPod can play files encoded in the MP3 format, including tracks ripped from CDs.

Hey Rob, the iPod supports MP3, duh!!! If you would open up, then you would be fine, but no, Real/Rhapsody does do MP3, does it..!? Wait, Rhapsody does support Mac users either, hows that for open.. He he he, Glaser is full of it..

Musicans attempting to use P2P for distribution (with payment)..

About Weed File Sharing
From the site:
Weed is a service of Shared Media Licensing, Inc., a group of musicians and software developers from Seattle, Washington. They envisioned Weed as a better solution to the problems of Internet file-sharing. File-trading is here to stay, so finding a way to legalize it and supporting musicians at the same time is the most equitable solution for all parties concerned. Independent musicians and small labels have a hard enough time making a living these days, so something revolutionary is needed to give them some leverage.
Weed encourages file-sharing while making payments to musicians at the same time. File-traders who respect artists’ rights are rewarded and a new community of file sharing is born! Anyone who buys a few songs can become a distributor and put up a page with their songs or put these songs on a P2P network.