Flash, FFMPEG and more..

Over at OpenVlog I have just finished implementing an automatic Flash conversion for video that is sent in. It was quite a task from getting FFMPEG running on Dreamhost with LAME and AMR support (you need to change your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable), understanding Ruby enough to get FLVTool2 installed and working (another environment variable issue) and building a fancy Flash video player..

I think it was worthwhile in the end..

A Sample: I love NY (click on the Flash Version link).

Next will be making thumbnails with FFMPEG so that I don’t use the silly “Click Here” graphic anymore.. I suppose I should still say, “click here” as for some strange reason I can not get the mouse pointer to change over top of the QuickTime plugin. That is a story for another day but the gist is, use JavaScript instead of reference movies. The added benefit is that IE users don’t have the extra alert.

Thanks to Cat and the FreeFormed.org crew for the impetus.

Updated QuickTime Embedding Plugin

QuickTime Embedding Plugin

Due to overwhelming demand (1 person), I updated my QuickTime Embedding Plugin for WordPress to support Auto Play and Hiding the movie controller.

Just thought you might like to know.. ;-)

Oh yeah, John has been very hard at work on the next version of our Video Commenting Plugin. Prepare to be impressed (I am). It should be released over the weekend.

Video Comments, Video Comments, Video Comments

> Blog Archive >> Interactive Video Blogging Session at Vloggercon” href=”http://www.mobvcasting.com/wp/?p=244″>mobvcasting >> Blog Archive >> Interactive Video Blogging Session at Vloggercon

At this session at Vloggercon 2006, I presented the video comments plugin which this video is using.. Check it out. Click on “Watch Video” after the jump. (Warning, the video is long and big)

OpenVlog at MobVCasting

I have been doing something that I call MobVCasting for some time.

Essentially, it is video blogging with a twist. My vlog posts are created, edited as well as posted directly from my mobile phone. I use MMS (or Multimedia Messaging or picture messaging or whatever your provider calls it) to post videos to my vlog.

You can see what I do by visiting http://www.mobvcasting.com/wp/

I am almost to the point where I feel comfortable offering this capability to all who are brave enough to try.

Although I am not ready for offering personalized service (which would entail posting to your blog though mobvcasting), I have opened up a test MobVCasting vlog that anyone is free to post to. I am calling it OpenVlog at MobVCasting. You can see it at: http://www.openvlog.mobvcasting.com/

Anyone is welcome to use their mobile phone to post to this “open” vlog. You will need a video capable phone and the ability to send MMS (multimedia messages or picture mail or whatever your provider calls it) to an email address. The address for this service is openvlog@mobvcasting.com. The subject of your message will be the title of the post and any text in the body of the message becomes the body of the text.

One last thing, your mobile phone provider may charge you to send MMS messages. So if you give it a shot, don’t go overboard until you get your first bill.

Please feel free to send any questions or comments my way: shawn@mobvcasting.com

OMDS Article

TECTONIC: How will you consume your open media?
Michael Sharon has written a nice article summarizing the Open Media Developers Summit.
From the article:
Two weeks ago, on a rainy Friday and Saturday in October, 65 programmers and developers debated these and many other questions at the first Open Media Developer’s Summit held at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in down-town Manhattan.