Flash, FFMPEG and more..

Over at OpenVlog I have just finished implementing an automatic Flash conversion for video that is sent in. It was quite a task from getting FFMPEG running on Dreamhost with LAME and AMR support (you need to change your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable), understanding Ruby enough to get FLVTool2 installed and working (another environment variable issue) and building a fancy Flash video player..

I think it was worthwhile in the end..

A Sample: I love NY (click on the Flash Version link).

Next will be making thumbnails with FFMPEG so that I don’t use the silly “Click Here” graphic anymore.. I suppose I should still say, “click here” as for some strange reason I can not get the mouse pointer to change over top of the QuickTime plugin. That is a story for another day but the gist is, use JavaScript instead of reference movies. The added benefit is that IE users don’t have the extra alert.

Thanks to Cat and the FreeFormed.org crew for the impetus.

4 thoughts on “Flash, FFMPEG and more..”

  1. Very nice work, ..similar to what Joshua has asked, do you think reverse engineering that is possible. getting youTube and Google Videos on your IPod would be cool. What do you think that entails ?

    Source ?

  2. I am sure that you can use ffmpeg to convert FLV to H.264. I would try but I didn’t install the x.264 libraries.

    YouTube might be using an RTMP server though which might make it tough to get the FLV in the first place. Then again, it might just be HTTP in which case it would be easy. I went to take a look but digging through their javascript wasn’t fun so I gave up.. ;-)

  3. hi
    could you tell me how to solve this issue
    when i install it,but declined always

    get FLVTool2 installed and working (another environment variable issue)

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