Open Source Flash Communications Server in the works

Flash Ant: Flash and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Blog . :: Echo, echo, echo… I think I hear Open Source Flash Communication Server!
What is Red5, you ask? It’s a project on OSFlash that aims to create an Open Source Flash Communication Server. The speed at which the project is progressing is quite astounding. An Open Source Flash Communication Server alternative appears to be mere months away

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2 thoughts on “Open Source Flash Communications Server in the works”

  1. All of this open source Flash is pretty cool, but makes me wonder if Adobe will endorse it and try to position Flash as a true platform and [almost] bigger than a company, or if they’ll pull the plug on this potential competition.

  2. I doubt that Adobe would do that.. They probably see that Sun has been struggling and will say that allowing Java to be open is a mistake that they won’t do with Flash.

    I think the OSS world will just keep picking away until there is something that is a viable alternative with enough features to keep people from buying Flash proper and Adobe will start to loose out.

    At some point I hope a nice Flash/Java integration takes place, but I am probably dreaming…

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