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From the site:

November 14, 2004

Introducing our Videoblog tool subscribers now have access to the beta version of our streaming videoblog recording/publishing tool, which works with the same ease-of-use as our Flash-based BlogRecorder. Record. Save. Publish. It’s that easy.

Initially, it will be available to all of our customers during our beta period (approximately a month). After that time, it will be available as a feature upgrade for all new subscribers.

What a deal! By acting now, you can have audioblogging and videoblogging for just $4.95 per month (includes 1GB of bandwidth, and each additional GB billed at $1.95 each). works with most major blogging software and hosting providers such as Blogware, TypePad, Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress and more. Broadband connections strongly recommended to record video.

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