2 thoughts on “How to become a DJ lessons from Berklee”

  1. Hi i was wondering if you could help me with my quiestions… so im into the goth/electro/industrial genres of sound… and ive been looking at synthesizers.. ive been looking at drum/bass and atmospheric synthesizers but are those really what i need? or would they be rendured useless if i dont buy a turn table with a mixer and everything? and if i did buy a turn table.. how would i get the sound i wanted from playing other peoples records? !!Please if you could help me with this email me back!!

  2. hi
    i am 15 and i really looking forward to become a dj, i dont really know if this is got to do with your question. But if you do teach can i get some info or any way of learning djing. plz msg bak if you can soon.

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