Video Comments (working title)
2005, ITP, New York University
Dan O’Sullivan, Daniel Shiffman, Shawn Van Every

“Video Comments” is a system where viewers’ comments on a video (live or recorded) are tied to a specific point of time in the video. Many people may be watching or listening to the same linear media but only the comments of other people viewing a frame close in time to the frame currently being viewed will be displayed prominently. The system allows for the automatic production of metadata associated with a video, and we intend to use this metadata to allow for better searching and browsing of online video. We also hope that this system will encourage people to design videos with this type of interaction in mind, forming social groups around the combination of video and discussion.

This project was presented as part of the Open Media Developers Summit in October, 2005 at ITP. We intend to continue developing “Video Comments” in conjunction with documenting the live stream, transcripts, chat archive, and interviews
from the summit.

Previous Iterations:
Time Space Chat, 1999
Xena Footnotes, 2002

Sample Screenshots: