Jean-Marc Gauthier, previously an architect in France, is now renewing a viewer’s experiences inside immersive environments and virtual spaces. JMG’s recent works include “NightHawks?“, an urban installation interacting with a large audience inside a public park, “Aphrodisias”, an immersive display of virtual archeology created inside a museum . “Crayons”, an interactive homage to Sol Levitt’s Open Cubes. JMG is currently involved with designing “interactive skins” for tall buildings, immersive environments for visually impaired people and a 3D visualization browser for the human body called the “Dynamic Virtual Patient.”

JMG’s works have been presented in USA, American Museum of Moving Image, (New York), Institute of Fine Arts (New-York), Studio IMC, Chelsea Art Museum, (New York), VRML conference (Monterey), Siggraph, File (Brazil), and in Europe, at Ars Electronica Festival 2005 (Austria), Villette-Biennale Numérique (Paris), Le Cube (Issy), Urban Screens 05 (Amsterdam), MAMAC (Nice),Villa Arson (Nice), Milia (Cannes).

JMG books include “Creating interactive 3D actors and their Worlds” (Morgan Kaufman Publisher), “Beautiful Days in Paradise: The Making of Oiseaux de Nuit”(Le Cube), “Virtual Sets and Pre-Visualization for Games, Movies and the Web” (Focal Press, Elsevier Science), “Disegno Animado Interactivo in 3D” (Anaya Multimedia).

JMG, the creator of an interactive design consultancy conceptualizing and producing real-time 3D content for museums, fashion, urban installations and data visualization applications. JMG is involved with several design and innovation programs and he is design chair for Designing Interactive Systems 2006 from the ACM conference series.