Sometime we get students bursting with energy, experimentation, an interest towards social service and a desire to help people. Why not aim them at solving a real problem that may not see to much commericial attention? Professor Marianne Petit and Chairwoman Red Burns have a strong belief in collaboration in the development of problem-solving applications. This is currently being nurtured in two tracks. The first is The Center for Technology and Social Justice. This program has been funded through a grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation to place and fund students through internships in non-profit organizations doing pioneering and innovative work in the area of technology and social justice. The second is in the development of a strong Assistive Technology Program. Through a unique collaboration with the Department of Occupational Therapy at the Steinhardt School at NYU, ITP students team with clinicians and rehabiliation therapy students to develop innovative assistive technology solutions. Through partnerships with a variety of organizations (The New York Foundling Hospital, the Montefiore Children’s Hospital, SPOTS, The McCarton School) students identify an organizational or client population need and collaborate to build a technology solution.

We have just received funding from the Nathan Cummings Foundation to further develop this area, not only through coursework but additionally through:

  • The Assistive Technology Presentation Series A weekly series to help students be aware of the wide array of work that is being performed daily by rehabilitation therapists, engineers, assistive technology specialists, educators, and more.
  • Assistive Technology Blog This will be a publicly available repository for tracking interesting research, developments and commercially available products in the field. It will also be a will be a discussion and brainstorming forum for participating students and alibrary of their work.
  • The Collaborative Lab This lab allows faculty and students of ITP and the Department of Occupational Therapy to collaborate to actually put new assistive technologies into practice.

  • Courses

  • Intro to Assistive Technology
  • Reinventing the Switch
  • Internship