MPEG-4 Encoding Hardware

Optibase Unveils New MPEG-4 Encoder

One MPEG MovieMaker 400 board has the ability to encode two simultaneous MPEG-4 ISMA channels and each channel can be streamed in three different encoding bitrates. Up to six MPEG MovieMaker 400 boards can be plugged in the same PC providing a total output of 36 encoded streams from 12 different sources. As a member of the Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA), Optibase is working together with other industry leaders to ensure compatibility. Currently, the MPEG MovieMaker 400 has the ability to stream to generic players such as QuickTime, RealOne and Windows Media players (using Plug-ins).
MPEG MovieMaker will be available for shipment in Q4 of 2003. For additional information on MPEG MovieMaker 400, please send an email to