Dan’s interests include building more evocative online public spaces and generally richer human computer interfaces. He has been teaching at ITP since 1991 and came on full time in 1998. Dan developed the classes, the show and the lab for Physical Computing at ITP and is currently the area head for Networking and Computational Media. During his tenure at ITP, he has also been an Interval Research Fellow, and research scientist for Intel, Microsoft and NYNEX. Prior to becoming full time at ITP, Dan was president of his own new media company, O’Sullivision for seven years with clients including HBO, Microsoft, Oxygen, USA Networks and Viacom. As a NYNEX research scientist at NYU he developed the YORB interactive television show which ran for many years on Manhattan Cable. At Apple Computer he worked at the Human Interface Group and is credited with developing QuickTimeVR. As a graduate student in 1990 he developed many zany interactive shows such as Dan’s Apartment and Marianne Rubberhead which are still remembered fondly by late night viewers of Manhattan Cable Television. With Tom Igoe, he is the co-author of Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers (Muska & Lipman, 2004.)