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February 11, 2004

Recent and relevant

  • Some folks at Bristol Wireless have developed a Wireless Backpack Repeater
  • Ryutaroh Matsumoto has a page describing how to use Firewire cameras with Linux. It has some great information regarding FFMPEG, DV cameras, IIDC (or "FireWire digital cameras") and Gnomemeeting. He also has a nice utility for capturing from IIDC cameras and handing off to FFMPEG in a usable format located here.
  • VisiWear brings us the ST 3100 a wearable wireless, MPEG-4 video conferencing unit.
  • unmediated: Tracking the tools that decentralize the media.
  • OhmyNews is using public WiFi to cover the news: Journalism's Ultimate Road Warriors
  • Jeff Jarvis on Reality News
  • Dan Gillmor's book in progress - Making the News: Draft available online.
  • Jay Rosen's brings us BloggerCon: Discussion Notes for, "What is Journalism? And What Can Weblogs Do About It?"
  • Lisa Williams brings us Talking Back to the World DIY MST3K
  • Dave Winer thinks we should Merge news and reality television?
  • Why We Need Video Aggregators
  • NYC Grassroots Media Conference
  • Forbes tells us The BBC Deploys Video Cell Phones
  • Eli Chapman let me know about Wearable VJ Pack from CNN
  • The People Speak

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