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October 30, 2005

Java + USB

Universal Serial Bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On the ITP PComp Listserv there was recently a thread about USB and Java. I have some interest in this so I figured I would do a bit of searching around.

Here is what I found:

jUSB - Java USB API for Windows

jUSB: Java USB (Linux)

The Java Community Process(SM) Program - JSRs: Java Specification Requests - detail JSR (JSR 80: JavaTM USB API)

JSR080 - javax.usb

It seems that the Communication API can work with USB devices that implement the communications device class. USB devices can extend from any of the following device classes that are supposed to be supported by the underlying OS. Thanks to WIkipedia Entry

USB human interface device class
USB mass storage device class
USB communications device class
USB printer device class
USB audio device class
USB video device class

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My comment is only somewhat related. I've been working on a implementation of JSR223. We have a bunch of PHP applications at work and we're migrating to a java environment. Zend, IBM, and Java put their JSR on the back burner until the release of the 1.6JDK (next summer). In the meantime we really needed it. I searched though the PHP cvs tree and found a terribly outdated SAPI servlet for PHP and Java. It was very unstable, had various resource leaks, and didn't support many features of HTTP like multipart forms. We now have it working rock solid with most features of HTTP and the PHP environment now looks just like it would on Apache HTTPD. The next step I'm working on is for access to Java objects through the PHP runtime. When we're done, I want to release the code to sourceforge.

Posted by: Dennis at November 9, 2005 09:23 AM