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August 04, 2005

Nokia J2Me Issues *big issues*

Russell Beattie Notebook - Nokia 7650 J2ME Sockets Fun

Russell, thank you. You just saved me hours of trying to figure out why available() wasn't ever returning anything other than 0.

I also want to point out that Nokia's Java support while seemingly great from the outside is dismal once you get into it.

For instance, on my 7610, not only is the function you describe broken but so is the the vibra function in the Nokia UI (their own classes!) as well as the backlight functions.

I have been working on a project for weeks and still have mysterious *poofing* (the app just goes away, no exceptions, no nothing, just poof, gone, kaput) issues with no hope for resolution.

On top of that, I know I am using an older version of the firmware. Ok, how do I get that upgraded? If I was in Europe it seems everyone does it but in the US, nada.


Posted by vanevery at 10:37 AM

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