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March 20, 2005

MIDP 2.0 on the Mac.. It works!!!

mpowerplayer sdk
From the site:
The mpowerplayer software developer kit includes the mpowerplayer as a standalone application. It's a pure Java emulator implementing MIDP 2.0 and MMAPI, suitable for integration with your favorite environment and IDE. Third-party integration efforts exist for Ant, Eclipse, Idea, and we hear of more efforts almost daily.
For OS X-based developers, the mpowerplayer sdk is your best (and only) option for MIDP 2.0 development and it includes Sun's preverify tool as a native executable.
The mpowerplayer sdk is a free download - we encourage you to use our emulator as a standard part of your tool chain to reduce your build/debug cycle as well as to ensure your content runs great on the mpowerplayer. Get it today.

I can verify that it works!!! Finally doing MIDP 2 programming on my Mac. Now all I need is Eclipse integration and I will be flying high.

Posted by vanevery at 11:56 AM

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Working on Eclipse integration right now. . . almost there, but you need to return to the office to help me!

Posted by: Daniel Shiffman at September 26, 2006 02:30 PM