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March 17, 2005

My Phone Bill

So.. I finally received my phone bill which reflects all of these vlog posts from my phone.

Here is the breakdown from my bill:
ADDL DATA $0.03/KB 986 KB(S) 29.58

So, deciphering this, I got charged almost $30.00 for data usage, $2 for 5 MMS messages that were less than 100KB and almost $10 for MMS messages that were greater than 100KB. Setting aside the data usage for now (because I think that is from some streaming tests that I was doing), the MMS messages are either $.40 or $.80 per message. Considering that I am using this for video blogging, almost all of these messages are going to be greater than 100KB (my phone/ATTWireless has a 300KB sending limit) and therefore will cost $.80 each.

Now for the rant: I attempted to change my wireless plan with ATTWireless online. Unfortunately, in order to change my plan, I have to "migrate" to Cingular who recently been bought ATTWireless. This in itself isn't so bad but low and behold, I would have to get a new phone, pay an activation fee for the privilege and signup for an another year of service. Yeah!!!!!!!! I love wireless providers (not).

Ok, so after calling the wonderful 611 number they provide, I talked to someone who had no idea what MMS is. In any case, I found that I could change the optional services on my account and for $2 more than what I am paying for text messages already I could add 20 "picture messages" to the service. So I went for it..

Now, I still have some concerns:
The main one is: Will I still get charged more for MMS messages that are greater than 100KB?

In any case, as Jay brought up to me, first, I need a WiFi phone with Skype and second, micropayments suck since I need to decide whether or not I actually want to pay for posting a video to my blog each and every time I shoot one.

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