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October 09, 2004

Java programmers search engine

Prospector Demo
From the site:
Prospector a "search engine" for Java code examples, designed to help programmers use, navigate, and learn about object-oriented APIs. The primary design goal is to help out programmers that get stuck using complex APIs. Imagine that a programmer is writing some Java code, that she has a URL object pointing to a JPEG file, and that she wants to display it as an image using the java.awt.Image class. Unfortunately, Image is an abstract class, and it's not very obvious how to create one at all, let alone how to create one from a URL. Now, she can ask Prospector for a list of code examples, pick out an example, and get back to coding.

My Comments:
Nice, they are developing this as an Eclipse plugin and there is an online demo. If only I could get it to tell me how to make a BufferedImage from an Image. Ooops, my fault, I wasn't specifying BufferedImage correctly, I should have said: java.awt.image.BufferedImage.

Posted by vanevery at 05:08 PM

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