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August 12, 2004

Open Source Video Interoperability

BEK : piksel : piksel04
An interesting set of pages describing a conference, some open source software and documentation regarding efforts to provide interoperability between open source video based applications. Of note is Livido a plugin framework, VideoPiping (sending raw video via named pipes from one app to another), Vloopback and so on.
Here is what they say on the site:
Piksel is a framework of tools and libraries which aims to provide interoperability between various free software applications dealing with video manipulation techniques.
The current focuses of the project are: implement a library for plugin dinamicly loaded video processors and colorspace transformations; develop of a standard set of control commands for interoperability between media applications, providing a library implementation which makes it easy to be embedded into softwares.
This project has its origins at the Piksel meeting held at the Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, in which authors from various free software applications met to settle common specifications: EffecTV, FreeJ, LiVES, MoB, PD/PDP, VeeJay.

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