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May 18, 2004

The joy of statistics - Music sales actually up

RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter
The labels manipulate the numbers showing declining sales as a result of peer-to-peer file sharing. In truth, there are other reasons for the numbers and music sales at stores are actually up.
From the article:
Now here's where things get interesting: The RIAA forecast a 7 percent decline in recorded music sales for 2004, but data from market research outfit Soundscan, which measures point-of-purchase sales, shows a 10 percent increase in music sales when comparing the first quarter of 2004 to the first quarter of 2003...

Posted by vanevery at 09:07 AM

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It makes sense that music outlets faced with the abyss of becoming another Tower Records would use just in time delivery to keep stock at median levels.

However, me being the cynic I am, I wonder if the labels want to spin the shipment issue as further proof that P2P networks are the cause of all the music industries troubles. Always a good rule when you are under siege, attack everyone else to hide your weakness. It might also serve to keep prices artificially high, example: take a page from the diamond industry where DeBeers suppresses supply to keep prices high.

Posted by: Gilbert at May 18, 2004 11:57 PM