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March 25, 2004

The powerbooks are taking over

Streaming Media, Inc.
From the release:
The key features of the Streambox ACT-L3 Portable Video Transport System are:
-Real-time compression of 1/2 D1 (352x480i) interlaced video 30 fps on a PowerBook G4 with a 1.25 Ghz CPU or higher. The system supports full D1 resolution at 15 fps and higher.
-The ACT-L3 Codec produces high quality video transmissions at data rates as low as 64 kbps and higher over IP, sat-phones, 802.11 and 3G wireless networks. Optimal full resolution broadcast quality is available with IP satellite systems or land-based DSL lines.
-Live DV Video capture from camera via Firewire input.
-Works seamlessly with existing NLE editing software such as Apples Final Cut Pro.Ѣ
-Advanced Forward Error Correction technology recovers and cancels packet loss and overcomes jitter and buffering.
-Bandwidth shaping technology controls and prevents video overflow at satellites, routers and network switches for smooth video delivery.

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