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March 06, 2004

Glowing bunnies and other craziness

The website of Eduardo Kac, the artist who brought us Alba, the GFP Bunny. Alba was injected with a genetically modified protein from a jellyfish while still developing.
Here is text from the website:
GFP Bunny -- With GFP Bunny Kac welcomes Alba, the green fluorescent rabbit, and explains that transgenic art must be created "with great care, with acknowledgment of the complex issues at the core of the work and, above all, with a commitment to respect, nurture, and love the life thus created." The first phase of the GFP Bunny project was completed in February 2000 with the birth of "Alba" in Jouy-en-Josas, France. The second phase is the ongoing debate, which started with the first public announcement of Alba's birth, made by Kac in the context of the Planet Work conference, in San Francisco, on May 14, 2000. The third phase will take place when the bunny comes home to Chicago, becoming part of Kac's family and living with him from that point on.

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