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February 28, 2004

Musicans attempting to use P2P for distribution (with payment)..

About Weed File Sharing
From the site:
Weed is a service of Shared Media Licensing, Inc., a group of musicians and software developers from Seattle, Washington. They envisioned Weed as a better solution to the problems of Internet file-sharing. File-trading is here to stay, so finding a way to legalize it and supporting musicians at the same time is the most equitable solution for all parties concerned. Independent musicians and small labels have a hard enough time making a living these days, so something revolutionary is needed to give them some leverage.
Weed encourages file-sharing while making payments to musicians at the same time. File-traders who respect artists' rights are rewarded and a new community of file sharing is born! Anyone who buys a few songs can become a distributor and put up a page with their songs or put these songs on a P2P network.

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