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February 10, 2004

iTunes issues on OS X with multiple users

raelity bytes :: /computers/operating_systems/apple/mac_os_x/apps/itunes_single_instance.html
Rael hits it on the head, this the probably that we have at home ever since switching from a single user install to two on our media machine. Please Apple fix it (oh yeah, same trouble with iPhoto).

From Rael's write-up:
It's silly enough that I can share my tunes across my home network yet I can't share them with someone on the same machine. Despite keeping all my music in /Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Music, I still have to wander from account to account adding each new CD or iTunes Music Store purchase to each user's library just so that we can share _our_ (defined in the strictest sense) music. Surely your iTunes library on the local machine should show up in my iTunes window just like any other network-shared iTunes library?

Posted by vanevery at 11:58 AM