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February 01, 2004

Pan, Tilt and Track Webcam

Logitech > Cameras > QuickCamĘ Orbit

Unfortunately it is USB and not FireWire. Probably no MacOS support either.

From the site:
You've never seen anything like the unique combination of form and function of the QuickCam Orbit. It features a black, ball-shaped camera that sits atop a nine-inch-high stand at your eye level. Why? So that you'll get optimal face time during your video calls or video instant messaging (IM) sessions. And when you move, it actually follows you around! The QuickCam Orbit mechanically and automatically turns left and right for almost a 180-degree horizontal view or up and down for almost 90-degree top-to-bottom view. So your smiling face will always stay in the picture.

Posted by vanevery at 04:17 PM