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August 10, 2006

ITJ Project Beta Released

We are pleased to (finally) announce the release of the ITJ software on SourceForge.net.

With support from Konscious and Manhattan Neighborhood Network we have packaged and uploaded the latest version and it can be downloaded at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/itv-ism/.

Currently this is a source only release of the project and doesn't include much documentation but here is some information to get you started:

The TeleServer is a server application meant to run on a stable and somewhat fast internet connected machine with a static IP. This application manages all of the client connections for chat and so forth. It is written in Java and there is a simple shell script for starting it up. (ITJ-TeleServer-Beta1.zip)

The WiFiTVChatClient is a client side chat application that works with the above server. It is meant to be run as an applet within a webpage. (ITJ-WiFiTVChatClient-Beta1.zip)

The WiFiTVPlayer is the application that allows for switching between QuickTime compatible streams with the ability to output those streams along with chat messages to a second monitor. This application requires QuickTime for Java (Mac or PC). (ITJ-WiFiTVPlayer-Beta1.zip)

If you are interested in using any of these applications in the production of a show for MNN or any other public access station please contact me: vanevery@walking-productions.com. If you are interested in helping to further develop this project please do the same.

Posted by vanevery at August 10, 2006 12:15 PM

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