The Interactive Tele-Journalism ACM MM Demonstration
A Low Cost, Live Interactive Television News Platform

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Interactive Tele-Journalism is a means with which to empower a community with the ability to act in aggregate as the director of a television news program. In a sense it is a merging of concepts relating to online communities, tele-presence, television news and interactive TV. It allows members of community to push discussion and questions in what is otherwise a passive medium (television news) in a direction that interests them. Specifically it allows individuals viewing a television program to engage in discussion with each other as well as individually and in aggregate determine specific elements of the news programming. For example, an individual viewer of a live interview (as an example program) is able to log on to the program website and chat with other viewers as well as send comments and questions to the interviewer (tele-journalist) who may subsequently pose that question the interviewee.

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